Canned Cocktails to Throw in your Beach Bag

I’m sure we all have our opinions on canned wine (I don’t have a problem with it, but I can’t begin to tell you how many well-versed winos have told me it’s inferior), but we can all agree that canned cocktails are the ultimate warm weather solution. Whether you need something to throw in your beach bag or don’t fancy yourself a mixologist, these canned cocktails make day drinking a buzzy breeze. Here, our favorites.


Gin & Tonic from Interboro Spirits & Ales

This Brooklyn distillery recently released their hip twist on this classic cocktail–surprising, since Interboro is known for pale ales and hazy IPAs, but if you ever find yourself at their East Williamsburg location, you can sip on Goodwin Hill Gin & Tonic. Interboro has reportedly taken a “traditional, no-fuss approach to the classic cocktail,” the ‘juicy gin grenade’ features tonic water and house-made Goodwin Hill Gin, which features juniper berry, coriander, lemon peel, black pepper, licorice, and angelica roots. They’re the first local distiller to create a canned cocktail, and they’re planning to branch out with even more craft creations.


White Linen from Can Can Cocktails

Ok, so this brand nailed it with the name, but this canned cocktail honestly sounds incredible. I’d never heard of the White Linen, but it was invented in Sacramento by a bartender named Renne Dominguez with vodka, cucumber, elderflower, and lemon. Sounds ultra refreshing. Can Can infuses fresh cucumber in high-proof vodka with gin botanicals, elderflower, lemon, and cane sugar and carbonates the whole thing for a bubbly, boozy, refresher.


Fugu Bloody Mary from Cutwater Spirits

Brunch just got a lot easier. This spicy Bloody combines small-batch Fugu vodka and Cultwater’s own Bloody Mary mix, which is made with ripe tomatoes and spicy peppers. The brand also offers a canned G&T and two rum cocktails, but this spicy Bloody is the spotlight-stealer in our eyes.


French 75 from Pampellone

This is one drink I’ve always been way too intimidated to make on my own, and seems an unlikely contender for a canned cocktail. This French 75 features Meyer lemon, sparkling wine, and elderflower–it skips the gin, but is a pleasantly light and refreshing cocktail with aromas of juniper and spicy bergamot. Pampellone also promises that it’s low calorie, low carb, and gluten free, so we’re dubbing it a win.


Blueberry Basil Sangria from Portland Sangria

Ok, so this toes the line on canned wine, but this Portland company has taken sangria to the next level. This version is made with dry Riesling, blueberry juice, basil, and “a touch of fizz” for a light, bubbly refresher. They also offer a rosé twist with raspberry juice and cardamom; a Syrah-based rosé sangria with chai spices; and another white wine version with lemon and ginger. We know what we’ll be sipping on all summer.

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