Cap’n Crunch Beer Is Perfect for Saturday Morning

As someone who regularly eats colorful cereal for dinner, I almost lost it when I heard that Cap’n Crunch beer is about to be a thing. The Somerville Brewing Company in Massachusetts is adding the classic ‘90s cereal to its new Belgian-style ale in a groundbreaking brew called “Saturday Morning.”

The beer begins with a base recipe similar to Somerville’s standby Trekker Trippel, a smooth golden ale with lightly fruity flavors and a spicy finish. They added the cereal to the ale during the mash-in stage, essentially as just another source of grain and sugar. And as a bonus, Cap’n Crunch will bring notes of bubblegum and stone fruit to the beer. “We also added a good amount of flaked corn to the mash in order to add smoothness to the body and further emphasize the cereal-like overtones,” says Brendan O’Toole, the brewery’s sales manager.



Brewery co-founder Caitlin Jewell said that the beer is a tribute to local beer adicionado Mike Johnson, who created a Crunch Berries beer back in 2000. And apparently Cartoon Network runs on a loop in Somerville’s taproom, so Saturday Morning seems pretty on-brand for this brewery. So, can we actually drink it on a Saturday morning?

Whatever mad geniuses are working behind the scenes at this brewery are seriously torturing our tastebuds with offerings like a Chocolate Porter, a Blood Orange Hefeweizen, a German-style sour beer with hibiscus, sea salt, and citrus, and the brilliantly named GF Yourself – a gluten-free selection.

And when it comes to breakfast-inspired beer, we recently saw Dogfish Head’s brew made with breakfast meat, and Big Time Brewing Company released Breakfast Cereal Killer Stout a few years ago. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a whole new world of breakfast cereal beers (Cinnamon Toast Crunch, please!)

Saturday Morning will be served in the brewery’s taproom, and they have plans to can the beer and release it as a limited edition. At just over 9% ABV, this ale is arriving just in time for summer.


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