Celebrate Easter with Some Boozy Easter Eggs

Easter is kind of a weird holiday. The food traditions are less rigid than Thanksgiving or Christmas, and candy is plentiful – at least at my house. Though I outgrew the Easter egg hunt many years ago, my interest was recently piqued after reading about booze-filled Easter eggs.

Edinburgh Gin Distillery has released a line of chocolate eggs that are wrapped in colorful foil and filled with miniature bottles of elderflower liqueur or rhubarb and ginger liqueur. The elderflower flavor comes with a silver egg, and the latter with a bright pink one. Supercall reports that John Lewis, a British department store, is selling the eggs for around $17.50 USD, and they’re flying off the shelves quite quickly. This Scottish distillery specializes in sweet liqueurs and sells full-sized bottles of nearly a dozen types of gin.

If you’re thirsty for more gin, The Treat Kitchen recently released a gin and tonic-flavored egg. It’s made with white chocolate and flavored like the classic cocktail. The Treat Kitchen also offers a strawberry-prosecco version, too.

Not a fan of gin? Fear not, there’s apparently an entire market for booze-filled Easter eggs. Also available in the UK is Prestat’s “Pink Popping Prosecco Easter Egg,” which you may be able to guess, is filled with bubbly wine. It’s a milk chocolate egg filled with Prosecco truffles that have Prosecco-infused dark chocolate ganache centers. The egg itself is wrapped in gold foil, so it won’t look out of place in your Easter basket.

If you’re craving more chocolate, look no further than Hotel Chocolat’s “Your Eggsellency” alcohol Easter egg. This hollow egg is made with dark and milk chocolate, wrapped in gold foil and overloaded with booze-filled truffles. Some of the truffle varieties include mojito, rum and red wine.

So whether you’re celebrating Easter with a classic egg hunt or boozy brunching with your friends, you can get a little extra buzz from an unassuming Easter egg.

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