DIY: Chocolate Goblets

Wine and chocolate truly are the perfect pairing. So how do we take this match to the next level? Chocolate goblets. Oh yeah, you heard that right, you can now drink your wine straight from a chocolate glass – if you follow these simple steps that is.

There are a few ways to go about this, because chocolate is one of those magically delicate substances that must be respected in the kitchen. One way is to choose a chocolate that is high in cacao (Green & Black’s Pure Dark Chocolate falls into this category) and temper it yourself to keep it from melting. Tempering is a process of heating and cooling your melted chocolate so that the final result is a stiff, glossy chocolate that has a nice snap to it. The other way to do this is to purchase a melting chocolate that is designed specifically for this sort of handling.

Whichever way you choose, the end result is going to be a wine pairing unlike any other.



▸ 24 oz high quality chocolate (between 60% and 70% cacao, like Green & Black’s Pure Dark Chocolate) or melting chocolate
▸ 8 water balloons
▸ Cooking spray
▸ Baking sheet
▸ Parchment paper


LINE baking sheet with parchment paper.

SPRAY lightly with cooking spray.

INFLATE water balloons.

TEMPER high quality chocolate (if using) or heat melting chocolate (if using). You’ll want your chocolate to be completely melted, with no solids, but not steaming hot.

SPOON 8 small circles, about the diameter of a tangerine, onto your parchment paper. This will be the base of your goblet.

DIP water balloons, one at a time, gently into the chocolate. You will want to lift straight up, out of the chocolate, holding the balloon over the bowl for a few seconds to allow the chocolate to drip off, then dunk again. Repeat three times for a nice, thick layer.

PLACE the chocolate covered water balloons chocolate side down so they rest on their bases on the baking sheet. Reserve melted chocolate for later.

ALLOW to cool for a minute then transfer to the refrigerator for one hour or until solid.

REMOVE from the refrigerator and carefully pop each balloon. The goblets should firmly retain their round shape.

REMOVE goblets from the parchment paper, careful not to tear the bases. If goblets do tear and leave a hole in the base, simply reinforce with a small dab of reserved melted chocolate and allow to harden and cool once more. Return goblets to the refrigerator until ready to serve.

POUR in your wine – preferably chilled – and enjoy your new chocolate goblets!

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