These Craft Beer Candles Are Lit

It’s finally fall! Time for apple picking, pumpkin-spiced everything and scented candles. Or, more specifically, craft beer scented candles. If you’ve ever longed for your home to smell like oatmeal stout or amber ale, you’re in luck.

Brewed2Burn  is a new venture from Pittsburgh-based Michelle Arnoni, who started the company after being inspired by her role as Vice President of Sales for Brentwood Distributing. Last October, she started experimenting with wax, wicks and scented oils to create a variety of beer-inspired candles. They’re bottled in custom cut beer bottles, and are made of soy wax – giving each candle a burn time of around 60 hours. Netflix and Pilsner – er, chill?

This season, she’s offering limited edition varieties like Spiced Pumpkin Porter, Winter Pine Pale Ale and Winterberry Wheat. The usual candle selection includes always appropriate aromas, such as Vanilla Coffee Porter and Cherry Wheat. Each candle is poured by hand, and Arnoni’s work ethic is inspired by the four generations of her family who have worked in the beer business – her great-grandfather bought Valley Beer in Wilmerding, PA right after Prohibition ended.

When it burns down to it (see what I did there?), these candles really aren’t going to make your house smell like a brewery. And if you’ve ever been in a brewery for more than 30 seconds, you’ll know that’s a good thing. Instead, Arnoni’s candles are created to evoke the spices and fruits that give craft beers their unique flavors.

Beer-inspired candles aren’t really new to the market – a quick search on Etsy pulls up nearly 3,000 results, and vendors like Swag Brewery and Barley & Hops Craft Scents  offer pours like Lemon Ginger Radler and Hoppy IPA. Whether you love beer or are passionate about fall, snuggling up with a pint has never been so cozy.

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