The Classiest Pizza Attire of All Time

We love pizza. Probably more than the average person, actually, and as a result we look for any opportunity to express our love for those cheesy slices of Heaven. Here we have complied some of our favorite (and only the classiest) ways to wear our pizza love proudly on our sleeves (or shoes, as the case may be).



Soludos x Jason Polan Pizza Espadrilles

Designed by illustrator Jason Polan, these shoes are pizza-loving and fashion forward. We really can’t think of anything else we’d rather be wearing on our feet this summer.


pizza necklace

Hey, Homeslice Necklace from Dogeared

If you’re looking for a more subtle or elegant way to wear your love of pizza, this one is for you. This cute little necklace from Dog Eared is simple and refined – and would also make the perfect gift for any pizza loving friend. And let’s be real, if your friends don’t love pizza you should probably find some better friends.



Pizza Cutter Cufflinks

A sneaky and fun way to dress up any plain old button-down, these cufflinks aren’t too showy while also getting the point across (you love ‘za).


pizza shirts

Pizza Is My Boyfriend & Give Pizza Chance T-Shirts

As any true pizza fan knows, pizza is their one true love. These shirts make it clear that you are all pizza, all day, everyday.


hot sox

Pizza Hot Sox

What’s more fun than these pizza socks poking out from beneath the ankles of your pants?? Nothing.


phone case

Slice of ‘Za Phone Case

Since you only use your phone to order pizza anyway, you may as well make it look like a pizza too. Just to keep things consistent.


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  • Rita Compton says:

    So fun!!! Saving the site for future gift occasions. So many pizza lovers in our lives, including ourselves.

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