December Box Playlist: West Coast Wine Music

Every month, our almighty Box of Awesomeness contains wines (duh,) recipes, good reading and of course tunes. These are December’s musical selections, WA’s perfect pairings playlist.

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Pavement– Carrot Rope

This Cali band of rough-around-the-edges hitmakers (and their wry frontman Stephen Malkmus) changed the future and direction of indie music in the 90’s. This is a cheeky, surprisingly poppy number from Pavement that would go just fine with a glass (or bottle) of the 2013 Upside Remedy Blend. 



Joe Jones- California Sun

Everybody and their grandma has covered this song at some point, yet it was Joe Jones who first put out this now instantly recognizable track. This (original) version of the tune raises some serious doubts about the old adage “first is the worst.” Grab a healthy serving of 2013 Fiction Red and pour it into a “shimmyproof” vessel.



Miles Davis & Gil Evans- Boplicity

This song comes off of an album called “The Birth of Cool,” which should tell you something right off the bat. Miles Davis is considered to be the pioneer of Cool Jazz, as if jazz (or Miles) needed to get any more slick. Simply put, the guy is one cool mother… To accompany a cut this cool sip on some 2013 Vinum Pinot Noir.



Miley Cyrus- Party in the USA

You can pretend that Miley’s anthem about arriving in LA for the first time doesn’t make you feel great or get you singing and ready to party… or you can quit lying to yourself. This Cali inspired anthem deserves a California wine, something light and ready to get down: try the 2012 Sonoma Oaks Pinot Gris.



Snoop Dogg- Who Am I (What’s My Name?)

A west coast hip hop classic like this one can only be paired with a classic west coast chardonnay. Open up that 2012 Banshee Chardonnay and take a trip to Cali with Snoop.



The Beach Boys- Get Around

California wouldn’t be the same without the Beach Boys and the surf craze that catapulted it to international fame in the late 1950’s. Let’s take a stroll (a surf?) down memory lane and bring a bottle of 2013 Vina Robles Sauvignon Blanc along with us.


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