DIY: The Perfect Pisco Sour

If you’ve been to Peru, you’ve almost definitely had Pisco. It is the country’s noble offering to the wide world of spirits; a “burnt” wine, an unaged, single-distilled grape eau-de-vie. Peruvians cherish their national drink and tell tales of its 500 year history with barrels of pride.

While ‘Pisco’ and ‘Peru’ are practically synonymous in the world of food and beverage, this mixologist’s dream also has close ties to the Bay Area. In the mid 1800’s, Pisco made its way from Peru to San Francisco on ships bringing labor, goods and supplies. In no time it became the spirit that fueled the Gold Rush, as well as the imaginations of writers like Mark Twain and Rudyard Kipling.

About a century ago, an American railroad baron by the name of Victor Morris found himself in Lima. What did he do? He took the opportunity to create what is perhaps the most popular Pisco cocktail in the world: the Pisco Sour.

To celebrate the 100th birthday of this delicious and quintessentially South American cocktail, we picked the brain of Duggan McDonnell for a recipe that will do the occassion justice. He’s the co-founder of Encanto Pisco (the highest rated Pisco in the history of Peru’s Concurso Nacional del Pisco competition) and the owner of San Francisco’s Cantina. You’ll find that his Pisco Sour is pretty damn great.


Duggan McDonnell’s “BLUE RIBBON” Pisco SOUR

1.5 oz. Encanto Pisco
.75 oz. Fresh Lime
.5 oz. Sugar Syrup
.5 oz. Cream Sherry
1 egg white

SHAKE vigorously, double-strain into a fluted glass, garnish with grated orange zest, and serve.



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