Juice Jams of the Week: 11.22.14

This weekend, we’re turning back the clock to focus on some lesser known classics (still classics) from the golden ages of rock n’ roll, soul and R&B. Like the finest of wines, these tunes all get better with age.

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Brenton Wood- Oogum Boogum
This song got soul… too much soul. It’s catchy as hell, and it’ll have you doing funny things like a clown. No idea what oogum or boogum is, but I couldn’t live without ’em.



New Order- Age of Consent
A dancy new wave jam from the dudes formerly in Joy Division. That bass riff, though.



The Kinks- Waterloo Sunset

A mellow and melodic number from a band with a staggeringly disproportionate recognition-to-awesomeness ratio. It’s a tune about the Waterloo stop on London’s underground, a far-too-busy hub right on the River Thames. As long as you play Waterloo sunset, you’ll be in paradise.



Eddie Floyd- Knock on Wood

Try playing this one on your iPod and not automatically strutting around like you’re  f**king awesome. Try it.



The Rolling Stones- Dead Flowers

You’ve heard of these guys, they wrote a lot of great songs, and this is definitely one of them.



Dire Straits- Tunnel of Love

We’ve all heard “Sultans of Swing.” It’s great. This one’s just as good, but it’s longer and there’s more guitar solo.



Velvet Underground- Who Loves the Sun

NYC’s original art rockers put out a surprisingly twee track in “Who Loves the Sun.” At least, at first listen.



Kris Kristofferson- Sunday Morning Coming Down

Aside from having the coolest name ever, Kris Kristofferson also wrote the definitive hangover song of our modern era.  This is it, a crucial part of any true weekend.



William Bell- Never Like This Before

Big Billy Bell knew how to get the people moving… this number is no exception. Put some soul in your Saturday or Sunday (if you’ve got any leftover).



Elvis Costello- Alison

Close out your weekend with a ballad from the other, English Elvis.




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