Juice Jams of the Week: 12.20.14

Bored of your potentially stale Saturday playlist? Have no fear, WA Juice Jams is here. Make sure you follow our WA Juice Jams playlist on Spotify to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

Volume up, bottoms up!


Modest Mouse- Lampshades on Fire

Tried and true indie pioneers Modest Mouse haven’t stopped making music yet, and that’s a very good thing. This is the single from their brand new album, which (if several past masterpieces are any indication) promises to be very worthy of playtime.



All We Are- Keep Me Alive

This guitar-filled tune takes twists and turns you may not see coming: whether it’s the out-of-nowhere, high filtered falsetto or the bounce in the bass that feels an awful lot like funk, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.



D’Angelo- Sugah Daddy & Untitled (How Does it Feel)

The world just got a whole lot  sexier… the legend that is D’Angelo just released a very very long awaited new album, and it’s really so very good it’ll make you tingle and ache. Just in case you never heard D’Angelo’s first album (perhaps the sexiest ever) we’ve included one of the most desirous and sheet-grabbing grooves from it here. Find somebody to get close to.



Monika (ft. Andrew Wyatt)- Shake Your Hands

Monika is a songwriter from Greece we didn’t know about until this morning, then we fell in love. There’s a whole lot going on here, and it’s all really great and weird and catchy and bouncy all at once and it features a rabbit prominently. Just listen to this,  let it into your life.



Milky Chance- Stolen Dance

You know it, you love it… and if you don’t know it, you’ll love it.



Del Shannon- Runaway

This song hit #1 on the charts in the spring of 1961, and etched itself into the best of America’s fond musical memories.  There’s a weird organ solo (on an organ that Del himself made) some doo-wop vibes and teenage sounding falsetto that all make for a perfect throwback track.



Brazos- My Buddy

My buddy is a song with a lazy vibe and a build that moves nice and slow, until you find your limbs moving and grooving all over.



Belle and Sebastian- Slow Graffiti

Well, we all need Sunday morning music, and Belle and Sebastian’s sunny but not all too happy track is the perfect tune to play the role. Put those headphones on and walk on home.



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