Podcasts for Anyone Who Loves to Drink

Thanks to breakthroughs like This American Life and Serial, podcasts are having a whole new renaissance – at least in our book. What better way to get through a slow work day than throwing on a pair of headphones and learning about wine, beer, cocktails – or the occasional murder mystery. Here are six podcasts for anyone who loves to drink.


BeerSmith Home and Beer Brewing Podcast

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about homebrewing, this podcast is for you. Hosted by Dr Brad Smith, who also writes a blog and has been brewing beer for over 20 years, this podcast features “a high level of intelligent dialogue about beer and homebrewing,” according to one listener. Smith interviews a different guest on each episode, ranging from brewmasters to all-around beer experts and writers.


Wine for Normal People

Marketed as “a podcast for people who like wine but not the attitude that goes with it,” Wine for Normal People features discussions about wine in a no-frills way. Described by subscribers as “unintimidating, yet not dumbed down at all” and “very funny and truly un-snobby,” this podcast is hosted by Elizabeth Schneider, a Certified Sommelier who is truly in touch with the ordinary wine drinker.


Speaking Easy – A Cocktail Podcast

The punny name caught our eye, but this podcast truly holds its own. Hosted by Alex Luboff and Jordan Wicker, self-proclaimed “avid cocktail party hosts,” this podcast breaks down cocktails and party planning. They’re upfront about their lack of professional mixology experience, and say that they’re interested in “crafting an always satisfying drink for your friends and family. Leave the fancy work to the professionals…we’re just trying to keep the party going.” Sounds like our kind of people.


I’ll Drink to That! Talking Wine with Levi Dalton

In this podcast, a former sommelier interviews wine personalities about their lives and work. Listeners praise the host, Levi Dalton, for providing a back door look into the wine industry, especially since many of his interviewees are sommeliers and wine directors at restaurants and wine bars. One subscriber says that this podcast is more than “a glitzy series of marketing presentations and wine reviews. It’s more about getting into the minds and motivations of a range of very interesting and influential players.”


The Beerists Craft Beer Podcast

This podcast is all about appreciating and enjoying craft beer–something we can definitely relate to. Hosted by John Rubio, Anastacia Kelly, Grant Davis, Mike Lambert, and “a rotating cast of other beer loving riff-raff,” this podcast will make you laugh and learn a little something. Subscribers describe the podcast as conversational, nerdy, and informative, and it’s overall a great way to learn about new, non-mainstream craft beers.


The Mixology Talk Podcast

Hosted by “seasoned mixologist” Chris Tunstall and his wife, Julia (an “experienced cocktail consumer”), The Mixology Talk aims to help you understand the tips, tricks, and techniques for creating great drinks. This podcast is for newbies and veterans alike, and listeners say it’s perfect for the “home nerd cocktail enthusiast” or bartenders who want to take their craft to the next level.


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