Juice Jams of the Week: 12.6.2014

It’s Saturday, which can only mean you’ve got wine and music on your mind… or at least we always do. Is that weird? Nahh.

As per usual, we’ve got you covered. Make sure to follow our Spotify playlist WA Juice Jams – don’t miss a beat!


Blind Melon- No Rain

Do you miss the ’90s? We do… turn back the clock with this classic and soak up the sound of 1992.



The Art of Sleeping- Crazy

Soulful vocals meet chunky, wailing guitars in this number from the Brisbane-based band… it’s crazy good.



Future Punx- Livin’ in a Movie

The Talking Heads met Devo, The Ramones and an out of work keytarist in a bar. They had a bit too much to drink, headed to the bathroom together and produced Future Punx who in turn produced this awesome burst of digipunky energy.



Etta James- Something’s Got a Hold on Me

Long before Avicii became famous sampling this Etta James cut, Etta James became famous for being soulful, gritty, honest and Etta James. Get to know where that good feeling really came from.



Fleetwood Mac- Gypsy

For some time, Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks was thought to be a witch of some sort. It may sound harsh, but it could be true, because this song is magical. And it’s perfect for cruising in motor vehicles (always at or below the speed limit of course).



Fletcher C. Johnson- Messin’ Up my Mind

This nostalgic garage rock tune feels like it’s from a different time, but in reality it was penned in Brooklyn in 2012. It’s a throwback and a step forward all at once, plus it’s catchy as hell and filled with lyrical gems.



Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames- Yeh Yeh

Boys and girls… put on your Sunday shoes and get ready to twist to Georgie Fame and his Blue Flames!



Green Day- Basket Case

Before Green Day became, well… bad, they were actually pretty good. This was their first big song and it came out long long before they had their own musical on Broadway, volume should be turned up.



Sage Francis- Inherited Scars

Break up the formulaic party rap and try on Sage Francis’ “Inherited Scars,” a track with an oh so sexy bassline and a robust vocabulary.



The Libertines- What Katie Did

British rockers The Libertines brought back garage rock in a big way before the band split, breaking the hearts of those who thought they’d found the next Beatles. This little ditty is much more laid back than the rest of their material, but is no less fantastic.

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