Juice Jams of the Week

Wine goes well with food, but it also goes down real nice with the perfect song. That’s why we’re bringing you a handful of songs every Saturday. You and your weekend will get along a lot better now.

Keep checking in on Saturdays for a new set of tunes to drink to, and make sure to follow our running playlist WA JUICE JAMS on Spotify to keep up with all with our musical selections and suggestions.


Broncho- Class Historian

This song isn’t likely to leave your head for a long time, but it is likely to make you and your friends spend the whole night singing  “doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.”



Mac Demarco- Salad Days

Lay back, open a bottle and let the week fade away with this melodic, molasses-y tune.



Emma Louise- Jungle

“Jungle” is a synthy slow burner that opens up like a glass of spicy red.



iceage- The Lord’s Favorite

This Copenhagen-based band of ragamuffins have produced a punk/country-esque romp worthy of primetime weekend playtime. It’s about being God’s favorite human, and 100 year old wine… which is always a bonus in our books.


Native America- Like a Dream

Dreamy New Orleans indie-rockers Native America have crafted a catchy devil here. It’s bubblegum pop with an edge, and its perfect for a sunny day and a bottle of wine.


Mayer Hawthorne- Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out

This playful, harmony laden neo-soul track is a whole lot newer than it sounds and is also a perfect breakup anthem, at least for those on the better end of things.


Misun- Penny

“Penny” has got the crackle and whip of a 70’s guitar centric tune. It’s got a great groove and a defiant female vocal. Take a trip back to different (and probably better) times.


Tom Odell- Long Way Down

Ever feel like crying on Sunday night? “Long Way Down” is perfect for that moment you realize Monday is knocking on the door. This one is for when nobody else can hear you.


The Mystery Lights- What Happens When You Turn the Devil Down

This psychedelic throwback jam is all about guitar groove. What does happen when you turn the devil down?


Tune in next week for a fresh batch of juice jams, and follow our WA JUICE JAMS playlist on Spotify so you can rock out at all times.

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