Tristan Lobster Tail, Madiba Style

This month, Wine Awesomeness has fallen in love with South Africa. The wine, the food, the culture, the landscape, the wine, the people and the wine have captured our imaginations and our palettes. (Did we mention the wine?)

That’s why November’s Box of Awesomeness (you got one, right?) was full of South African juice, and of course, recipes for the perfect dishes to complement those wines. This is the third of six recipes we’ll be sharing with you this month.

The recipes were provided by our friends over at NYC’s only true shebeen Madiba, South African food’s home away from home. Get over there ASAP! But don’t forget to try out their recipe for Tristan Lobster Tail while you dance around your kitchen.

This meal is a perfect friend for the 2014 Balance Chenin Blanc you received in that blue box of discovery  you get every month, so pour a glass and get started.

(Plus, try out recipes for Bobotie and Oxtail Potjie Koss!)

Without further ado, Madiba’s take on Tristan Lobster Tail:


Tristan Lobster Tail



Four Maine lobsters, 1.5 lbs each

Poached Tails

•  3 pounds butter, melted

•  2 ounce petite sorrel, cleaned

•  Citrus Butter Sauce (see below)


Citrus Butter Sauce

•  1/2 cup dry white wine

•  1 small shallot, minced

•  1/2 cup heavy cream

•  3/4 pound butter, large diced

•  1/2 lemon, juiced

•  1/2 orange, juiced

•  1/2 lime, juiced

•  Salt and pepper


In a saute pan reduce white wine and shallots until nearly dry. Add heavy cream and reduce to a thick consistency. Slowly add butter whisking continuously on medium heat. Do not bring to a boil. Add juices and season with salt and pepper. Strain.






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