Macarons & Wine: The PARTY Edition

Macarons and wine have the power to make many (and most) things better. Bad days have trembled in the shadow of such a delightful combination… and for good reason. The marriage of macs and a good bottle is a life improvement tool more powerful than we ever imagined.

We’d say great power comes with great responsibility, but we’d by lying. See, we’ve been asking ourselves: what if you were to take that power and apply it to things that are already awesome? Could the universe withstand it?

You be the judge. Try out this lovely installment of macaron and wine pairings, The Party Edition, courtesy of Dana’s Bakery and Wine Awesomeness, the tastiest tag team out there.


1) Champagne Celebration Macaron & The Törley Fortuna NV

Nothing says ‘partayy’ quite as well as having everything you consume taste like champagne (or sparkling wine, technically). Let’s not overthink this one, it’s the glitzy gold sparkling blitz you deserve.

The Champagne Celebration Mac features a champagne reduction infused buttercream, which (in laymen’s terms) means “mMmMmM.” Did we mention it’s bright gold and shiny?

To help elevate you to sugary, effervescent bliss is a sparkling wine known to blow the minds of tongues everywhere with its army of bubbles. It’s sweet to the bone and prime for passing the bottle(s). Did we mention it’s also bright gold and shiny?


2) The Birthday Cake Macaron & the La Rambla Cava

Having a birthday party? Not without these two items.

The Birthday Cake mac is a bite sized blast of rich, vanilla cake topped with tie-dye and edible glitter (the best kind of glitter). Don’t slice up a spongy mess, throw these scrumptious discs of celebration in the air and catch ‘em with your hands and mouth.

Wash down the taste of birthday with the super dry sparkle of the La Rambla Cava. Oft-dubbed “Spanish Champagne,” Cava is both the bubbly pride of Spain and the perfect drink to ensure a sufficiently joyful soirée. Gift yourself.


3) The Adult Juice Box Mac Pack &  2013 Črnko Jaerninčan

Variety is the spice of life, and the key to a good party. While wine will always be mankind’s favorite drink, it is acceptable to indulge in a cocktail or two. The good news is that you can do both at the same time with Margarita, Sangria and Peach Bellini macarons!

Yes, you can now eat your cocktails and drink your wine all at once. It’s the most glorious form of multi-tasking we can think of. But, to pull it off you’ll need a wine that won’t try and compete with the boldness of your edible cocktails.

The perfect wine for the job is a hidden gem of a Slovenian wine called the 2013 Črnko Jaerninčan. It’s light, crisp as hell, dangerously easy to sip and is straight up thirst-quenching. It’ll reawaken your tongue and its troops before you once again lay siege on the macaron cocktail kingdom.



(Check out Dana’s Champagne, Birthday Cake and Adult Juice box macarons or kick off your Wine Awesomeness membership here!)

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