Michonne? Margaery Tyrell? Who to share this month’s wine with.

We decided to steal some inspiration from the wine list over at Xixa and pair this month’s Wine Awesomeness picks with some of our favorite on screen women. Take a look to find out who you should be sharing that bottle of vino with from this month’s box The Women of Wine.


Michonne from The Walking Dead


2012 Pillar Box Red

This Pillar Box Red can only be described as bold and robust, perfect for pairing with a hearty meal. Which is why Michonne, the sword-wielding bad-ass that she is, comes to mind. Michonne is seriously loyal and willing to do whatever she has to in order to get the job done — just as this Southern Australian blend is able to pair well with anything.


Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones


2012 Roth Chardonnay Sonoma Coast

While Margaery Tyrell may want you to believe she’s all beauty and no brains, we all know that she’s really the one in control here. So before you go passing off this Roth Chardonnay as just another easy pour, keep in mind not all things are as they at first appear.


Elle Woods from Legally Blonde


2012 Three Rivers Red

While most Walla Walla wines are starting to cost the big bucks, Three Rivers has kept things tasty while also keeping the price tag within reach — just like Elle Woods was able to keep things real while also reaching her goal of getting that Harvard diploma (with honors, we might add). Like this wine that will pair well in a myriad of situations, Elle has many strengths and knows how to use them to get the job done. Plus, on weekends you’ll find winemaker Holly Turner driving around Walla Walla her 1961 Cadillac that is painted in Elle’s signature color: pink.


Sarah Connor from Terminator Genisys


2012 Pellegrini ‘Susan’s Vineyard’ Zinfandel

Terminator Genisys Sarah Connor is not the helpless waitress Kyle Reese expected to find in 1984. She’s cool, calculating and in control — just like this California red isn’t wildly fruity as you might have thought, but balanced and almost more like Pinot Noir than a Zinfandel.


Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City


2013 Ironstone Obsession Symphony

Next time you’re brunching with Ms. Bradshaw, consider ordering this blissfully fragrant blend. You’ll reminisce about that tropical vacation you went on last summer and all those fruity poolside cocktails. It’s a fast favorite so just know that pretty soon Carrie (trend-setter that she is) is going to have the whole city drinking it too.


Sydney Prosser from American Hustle


2014 Azul y Garanza Viura

Just as Amy Adams’s Sydney Prosser is much more than she at first appears, this Spanish Viura may take you by surprise. It’s zesty and perky, and full of flavor, just as Sydney is sharp and quick on her feet. You’ll be falling in love with it before Sydney can have you falling for her latest ruse.


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