The Most Innovative Wine Bottles

Everyone says not to judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to wine, it’s hard to ignore flashy new designs. Whether you’re drawn in by a beautiful label or are looking for new single-serve drinking options, these innovative designs will improve your wine tasting experience without sacrificing flavor.



Looking for a way to simultaneously satisfy your inner wordsmith and sip on some vino? The Librottiglia line features two reds and a white, and each bottle comes with a tiny book in lieu of a traditional label. The word “librottiglia” itself is a combination of the Italian words for “book” and “bottle.” Three authors were commissioned to produce these novellas, which were specially paired with Matteo Correggia wines. “The characteristics of each product are combined with a narrative genre, to give life to wine and literary experiences based on the perfect balance between the sensorial suggestions and imagined scenarios in stories.” The bottles are a special 375ml size to express the concept of this project – a short story to read while you sip two glasses of wine. All the novellas are in Italian, so dust off your romance language knowledge before you start drinking.


Copa Di Vino

Perfect for picnics and tailgating, these single-serve wines in a glass are ready to drink anytime, anywhere – no need for a bottle, corkscrew, or glass. There’s a splash cap to prevent spills, an hourglass shape for added flair, and a one-year freshness seal. The containers are also recyclable, so this is a drink you can feel good about in more ways than one. Available in six varieties from Merlot to Moscato, the brand emphasizes the quality of each wine–so don’t get distracted by the plastic container.


Callie Collection

This new wine brand launched a bottle design with a user-friendly Helix resealable cork. Traditionalists will love that it’s made out of real cork, while nouveau tasters will love that it’s still a screw-top. You simply twist to open and close each bottle, no corkscrew required! Helix designed these resealable corks to preserve the flavor of the wine and minimize negative impact on the environment – each cork is biodegradable and recyclable.


Veuve Clicquot Message

The famous Champagne house is always debuting flashy new packaging, but we’re especially loving the new “Message” box. You can personalize a rosé gift box with your own note, using the stickers to create whatever message you’d like. So long, greeting cards! Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or just for making an indulgent bottle of bubbly feel a little more personal.


Stack Wines

You’ll never have to worry about splitting a bottle of wine evenly! Each “bottle” of Stack Wines comes with four individually-sealed, shatterproof glasses of California wine, including Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, and a red blend. Forget corkscrews and wine glasses – these wine singles are perfect to take on-the-go, or if you’re sipping solo at home. Just snap a glass off the tower (Lego-style) peel back the aluminum foil and drink up.

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