How To Do Napa On The Cheap

Wine country is a magical place for all oenophiles. It’s on the top of many bucket lists just waiting to be crossed off, but for now it’s just a far away dream for most of us. Napa is not for the faint of heart or the faint of cash. Luckily, we’ve searched high and low to bring you the cheapest way to enjoy Napa. Enjoy!

Napa Valley Inn

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Plan your trip during the off season. While it may be colder and quieter, it will be just as beautiful and way cheaper than the high season.

Napa is somewhat of a trek from the SFO airport, so our advice is to rent a car. While traveling from the airport, from winery to winery and to where ever else you may go, those taxi fares add up. Renting a car provides you with more flexibility and in the long run is the cheaper way to go.


If you travel during the off seasons the prices at most hotels, inn, and b&b’s will be lower. Look for places in the surrounding towns in Napa Valley. Even some wineries have places you can stay.



Napa Valley is known just as much for their food as the wine. Here are some of our top picks that won’t break the bank!

Model Bakery – Whether its for breakfast or lunch, Model Bakery is where you’ll find the most amazing baked goods as well as pre-made sandwiches. Their breakfast menu is killer as well.

Gott’s Roadside – Here you’ll find the best burgers in town. This places attracts long lines of tipsy winery hoppers during the day, but at night it slows down. The garlic fries and the pistachio Milkshake are a must!

Oakville Grocery – Grab a sandwich and picnic at a winery.

Tra Vingne Pizzeria – In downtown St. Helena, this is one of those pizza places that you go for the pizza, not the atmosphere. You may see table full of local high schoolers, but don’t let that lead you away. The pizza is great. A large would feed an army, so come hungry.

Farmstead – This farm to table restaurant is great for dinner. Awesome menu and great atmosphere.

French Blue – is a little more on the pricey side, but it is completely worth it. Also, you deserve it!



This aspect of the trip requires a little research. There are some wineries that offer free tours and tasting, but if you can’t find those, try to stick to the $10 – $15 dollar tastings. Check out for coupons to tons of wineries.


Aside from drinking all day long, there are other things one may feel so inclined to do while here. We’re not sure why, but if you are one of those, there are many other options that the valley offers. Such as hiking, golfing, swimming, hot air ballooning, going to the spa, and even beer tastings.

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