S’More Beer Means There’s No Campfire Necessary

This summer, you don’t have to build a campfire to get that iconic s’mores flavor – just sit back, pop open one of Saranac’s S’more Porters, and get your buzz on. Beer has never been so sweet.

The beer combines the light sweetness and maltiness of a porter with the indulgent flavors of everyone’s favorite summer dessert. It’s brewed with caramel, biscuit and roasted malts before aged with chocolate and vanilla – talk about a flavor explosion! According to the brewery, it’s a “rich and decadent beer with the flavor of milk chocolate, marshmallow, and toasty graham cracker. Just like the real thing.” We’re not sure anything can totally replace the real thing, but this drink comes pretty close.

A reviewer on Beer Advocate noted that “the minute you put your nose up to it, you’re a kid around the campfire,” and describes the aroma as a “spot on s’more smell,” down to a smoky marshmallow flavor.

Another taster added that Saranac’s chocolatey porter would be a delicious after-dinner drink. Either way, getting your s’mores fix has never been easier.

In addition to enjoying alongside actual s’mores, the brewers suggest drinking this porter with roasted or smoked meats, gruyere cheese, and dark chocolate. At 6.2% ABV, this moderate beer is ideal for summertime sipping, whether you’re on a camping trip or heading to the beach.

Family-owned Saranac is located in Utica, New York, and turns out some pretty delicious-sounding beers in addition to this one. Cold Brew Coffee Lager and Strawberry Tart are at the top of our wish list.

During our s’mores beer investigation, we learned that Saranac doesn’t have a monopoly on the flavor. Short’s Brewing Company in Bellaire, Michigan offers a S’mores Stout, brewed with graham cracker, milk chocolate, marshmallow, and smoked malt. These guys “strongly encourage” using a flaming marshmallow for garnish, which is, quite honestly, a brilliant idea.

Terrapin Beer Co. in Athens, Georgia, used s’mores as flavor inspiration for their Chubby Bunny Imperial Milk Stout. This stout “breaks all the rules,” blending graham cracker, toasted marshmallow, and dark chocolate. Terrapin recommends pairing with spicy BBQ for the ultimate summer combination.

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