Sparkling Wine Cocktails for Bubbly Boozin’

Few would deny that cocktails are great. Mixing and matching our favorite ingredients is an activity that humankind has just not gotten sick of quite yet. But if you’re growing tired of your basic G&T’s and Whiskey Gingers, we recommend getting some bubbles out of the bottle and into your glass. To start you off, we’re offering up recipes for two super simple bubbly-based cocktails straight out of WA’s test kitchen.



The Uncle Sampagne

What you’ll need: A bottle of bone dry Cava, Grenadine, Blueberries and a Champagne flute

How you’ll make it: Pour a healthy splash of Grenadine into the flute- about 3/4 of an inch. Next, fill remainder of glass with Cava, making sure the Grenadine and Cava are well integrated. Finally, drop 2-3 blueberries into your glass, watch them float and save them for after you’ve finished the drink!



The Blood Orange

What you’ll need: A bottle of sparkling rosé, orange juice and a fresh blood orange.

How you’ll make it: Pour a healthy splash of orange juice (the more freshly squeezed the better) into your flute, also around 3/4 of an inch worth of juice. Next, top up your glass with sparkling rosé. Slice your blood orange and garnish generously, toss garnished slice into flute and start sipping!



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