Your Favorite Taco and its Perfect Wine Pair

Pairing wine with tacos might seem a little unorthodox. However, they’re two of my favorite things, so why not enjoy them together? Because sometimes, you really don’t want a margarita. After a lot of taste testing, I think I’ve found the perfect way to pair almost every taco with a complementary vino.

Al Pastor & Riesling

Tacos al Pastor are already a perfect blend of sweet and savory – that combo of tender, salty pork and sticky, tangy pineapple is pretty unbeatable. So how can you make it even tastier? Chow down with a glass of Riesling. The fruity profile of this traditional German wine perfectly complements my personal favorite taco.

Bistec & Syrah

If you’re craving red meat, this flavorful steak taco style is a dream when devoured with a bottle of Syrah. This wine has a rich, earthy, fruity flavor that needs to be paired with equally decadent food – like the aforementioned bistec tacos, or maybe a dense chocolate cake. (Or both.)

Baja Fish & Vinho Verde

All you need to feel transported to the California coast is a crispy fish taco and a glass of cool, crisp vinho verde. This Portuguese wine, that literally translates to “green wine,” nearly qualifies as a sparkling wine, so if you love bubbly, give this stuff a try. The fruity, floral profile makes it a no-brainer pairing for this summery taco.

Carnitas & Malbec

Can you tell I love pork? I love to pair smoky carnitas tacos with a full-bodied Malbec. French Malbecs have a peppery, spicy finish, so I think it’s the perfect match for a carnitas taco topped with plenty of creamy avocado and bright cilantro.

Breakfast & Bubbly

About once a week, I make myself breakfast tacos for dinner – they’re so easy and extremely satisfying. It’s amazing how delicious scrambled eggs, cheese, hot sauce and avocado taste when wrapped up in a taco shell. So whether you’re savoring this Tex-Mex favorite for brunch or supper, enjoy with a glass of Champagne.

Shrimp & Rosé

Seafood often gets paired with white wine, but I think rosé sticks with the pink theme of the shrimp and tastes wonderful with grilled or fried shellfish. Whether you top your shrimp tacos with hot sauce or guacamole, that rosé will cool you off.

Fajita Vegetable & Chardonnay

Keep it light! If you prefer traditional peppers and onions, or more inventive veggies like squash and spinach, seasoned and sautéed veggies are right at home in a taco shell. Enjoy your meatless meal with a glass of oaky Chardonnay.

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