The Lowdown: 2011 Uvaggio di Giacomo Primitivo


Bongiorno from Lodi, California? This edition of the WA Lowdown is designed to teach you everything you’d want to know about the 2011 Uvaggio di Giacomo Primitivo, one of the bottled beauties included in WA’s Unicorn Wines box. This rare red is an Italian immigrant living the American dream on the sunny west coast of the USA. Without further ado: tasting notes, perfect food pairings and recipes, musical suggestions, nose, palate, and even our thoughts on how you should drink it!


The Nitty Gritty

Home: Lodi, California

Variety: California-grown Primitivo

Vintage: 2011

Occasion: Celebrating the untying of your snow boots

The perfect pairing: Grilled Pizza with Shiitake & Sopressata

Rock out to: Parquet Courts- Borrowed Time


The Tasting Notes

Forget the link to Zinfandel. Primitivo is its own grape, and it ain’t afraid to remind you with a tannin punch to the mouth. Once a sunbather on the Adriatic, this grape has made its way to California. It’s got plenty of fruit and flavor, but remains true to its rustic roots with a dash of minerals and something small-village-in-Italy-ish. Think strawberry, stones and the tastiest damn dust you’ve ever had.

Nose: Red dusty fruits, pressed flowers and fresh pie crumbs thrown into an old leather satchel

Palate: Jammy but restrained, a medium bodied wine swimming right on the edge of the deep end


The Perfect Pairing

Grilled Pizza with Shiitake & Sopressata, courtesy of Serious Eats


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