The Sweet and Simple Shandy

Oh, shandy, you delicious thirst quencher, you. The exact origins of the shandy are unclear, but many a young drinker has taken to the beverage in recent years. Traditionally a shandy consists of equal parts beer to lemonade or ginger beer, but these days you can find all sorts of fruity, fizzy and fancy beer-based cocktails – like these three of our favorites here!


The Classic Shandy

Half-part beer, half-part lemonade – plain and simple! We recommend using a light beer, such as a lager, for this classic mix.


The Pomegranate-Blood Orange Shandy

This one is for those who prefer things on the sweet side. Two-thirds beer, one third pomegranate-blood orange soda, like this San Pallegrino sparkling juice. If it’s too sweet, try adding a squeeze of lemon to cut through the pomegranate flavor.


The Grapefruit Shandy

On the other end of the spectrum, the grapefruit shandy is for those who just can’t get enough of that sour citrus in their life. Try getting your hands on some 100% grapefruit juice and adding two-third parts beer to one third part grapefruit juice. You’ll be feeling refreshed and fancy fine in no time.


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