WA’s New Year’s Eve Playlist

When you’re done singing “Auld Lang Syne” you may want to go for something a little more uhhh… contemporary. You know, something to really get the blood pumping as you cheer on 2015. Here’s a selection of jams to help you celebrate another year of good livin’.


Jay Z & Marvin Gaye- Partylife (Remix)

One day, DJs Shukko & Gunna did something really smart. They took Jay Z’s album “American Gangster” and beefed up all the beats with samples of Marvin Gaye songs. The result is Brooklyn Soul, a mixtape that’s totally free to download and well worth your time. This one in particular is perfect for popping bottles to.


Jennifer Lopez- Waiting For Tonight

Jenny from the Block released this banger just before Y2K, which is why this music video is all about some crazy ass New Year’s Party celebrating the year 2000 in a jungle somewhere. It’s worth a watch, and a few listens, it’s been 15 years but hey, this one just keeps hangin’ on.


The Zombies- This Will Be Our Year

For those that get a tad anxious about what any new year has in store for them, let this song inspire you with confidence and infect you with it’s warm melodies… plus drink some champagne.


Alicia Bridges- I Love the Nightlife (Disco Round)

What would your 2015 be if it didn’t start off with a little taste of 1978? This is dancehall disco at its finest, and you may think you don’t need it in your life, but you do.


The Beatles- Twist and Shout

All shall dance, all shall sing, all shall twist and all shall shout. That is all.


Robyn- Call Your Girlfriend
This song has singalong appeal beyond your wildest dreams once a few glasses have been consumed. Can’t knock it before you try it, right?


Bruce Springsteen- Dancing in the Dark

The Boss is best known for his Americana tinged rock ballads, but this synthy, straight ahead dance tune is as much of a party banger as it is a rock n’ roll relic.


Curtis Mayfield- Move on Up

F*%k this song is groovy. Add some sparkling wine and you are bound to enter the new year with a smile on your face.


Disclosure (ft. Sam Smith)- Latch

Sometimes you just gotta play the hits… so play the hits.


Rare Earth- I Just Wanna Celebrate

The sentiment of this song couldn’t really match the sentiment of NYE any better, could it? Plus, it’s funky and catchy as hell.

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