The Red, White and Blue Spiked Sorbet

It’s early July and that means one thing- it’s time to celebrate America’s birthday yet again.

Pretty much everything you can think of comes in red, white and blue. These colors that will adorn the nation from sea to shining sea.But what’s in your cup?

Is it Wine Awesomeness’ uber patriotic and tantalizingly sparkling Red, White and Blue Spiked Sorbet?

If not, then it’s clear you just don’t love yourself or America quite enough. Don’t be the joykill at America’s birthday party- get this sparkling, spiked sorbet in your glass ASAP!


The Fixins:

-2 pints Lemon Sorbet
-2 pints Raspberry Sorbet
-1 Container of Blueberries
-Many bottles of sparkling wine on the dryer side.

Makin it:

-Put two scoops of lemon sorbet in the bottom of a jar or large glass
-Put two scoops of raspberry sorbet on top of the two scoops of lemon sorbet
-Sprinkle blueberries on top of the scoop pile as desired
-Fill glass to level of sorbet with sparkling wine.

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