10 Reasons Your Mom Is Awesome

1. She never stops believing in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself.


2. She loves every piece of crap you’ve ever given her, but would be just as happy spending time with you.

bad gift

3. She’s always the first you call with good news, and the first you call with bad news.

mothers day

4. She’s always there for you when you’re sick, even when she’s a thousand miles away.

i'm coming

5. She’s the least cynical person you know.

mom gif

6. She may not always understand your decisions, but she’ll always support you.


7. She writes the best notes, and knows exactly when you need one.

writing is hard gif

8. When she tells you you’re the most beautiful person in the world, she means it.

honey boo boo gif

9. She’ll always let you know when you’re being an idiot, and then give you a hug.

hug gif

10. She’s spent more of her life thinking about you than she has thinking of herself.

mom gif

We know there are an infinite number of reasons your mom is awesome, but we also know that if a list has more than 10 points, you won’t read it. So give us your reasons, and then share with your mom to let her know how truly great she is. Love you, mom!

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