3 Reasons To Date A Bookworm

There are few habits that are as indicative of a potential partner’s character than voracious reading, and in the current dating environment of technology-assisted, appearance-only mega dating, isn’t it useful to have at least a couple of qualifiers to sort the left swipes from the right?

And one surefire indicator of sponge-worthiness is being well read. In this day in age, that doesn’t mean just traditional book-to-nose, because modern bookworms have plenty of mediums with which to beam sexyfying brain food into their skull. So whether your potential SO gets their daily dose from an e-reader, smart phone, or good old fashion ink and paper, remember to take time out to appreciate just how hot all that knowledge is making their most important asset: their brain.

1. They can hold up their end of a conversation. That beautiful head of theirs is filled with all kinds of useful information, which means you’ll never be left drifting in an awkward sea of silence.

2. Their hearts are too full of compassion and empathy to leave any room for hate or bigotry. When we read about another’s plight, our brain automatically imagines ourselves in that situation, so someone who is well read is much more likely to be understanding and slow to judge—and couldn’t we all use a little more compassion in our lives?

3. They’re imaginative. Imagination has propelled mankind into space, given life to the tip of an artist’s brush, and spawned the greatest loves of all time. Without it life is merely a succession of meaningless decisions and starched white bed sheets. But when someone reads they tap into the boundless ether of imagination, and this ability to dream beyond our limited sphere of vision creates not only an unbelievably interesting person, but it also doesn’t hurt when the light go out. If you catch my drift…


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