4 Reasons to Look Forward to Your 40s

So you weathered your quarter-life crisis just fine, right? Aside from the bouts of uncontrollable sobbing mixed with unsubstantiated positivity, your mid 20s were a cakewalk, and then there were the 30s. You threw yourself into your work, found a significant other and maybe popped out a kid or two—or reveled in your single life (see 10 Reasons Why Being Single In Your 30s Is Awesome)—and right when you thought you had the whole adult thing figured out…BAM! Late 30s.

And now, like an old man trying to return soup at a deli, you’re refusing to face the inevitable: the big 4–0. But wait! Don’t concede to that mid-life crisis. Pull out of that Porsche dealership! Forget that butt lift! We’re gonna show you how great 40 can be, so you can face the next decade confident that it’ll be even better than the last.

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1. You’re finally free. Freeeeeeee!

Get ready to fly, little bird, because by now chances are your kids (if you have them) are old enough to get along fine on their own. And your job, well you’ve freakin’ nailed it. You’re at the height of your career, so show those young guns how it’s done. Then get out there and do what you’ve always wanted. Take that ridiculously lavish vacation or start a second career—you deserve it. The world is your oyster, and now you have the financial security to crack it wide open.

2. You finally accept who you are.

You spend your 20s and 30s trying to “be somebody” or “find” yourself, but in your 40s you finally realize that this whole time…you haven’t actually changed. You are who you are—and that’s ok. You come to terms with your life, and can now finally get out there and enjoy just being you.

3. Women become sex goddesses.

By the time you hit 40, all those years of practice have made you a cougar. You’ve let go of those ridiculous notions you held at 20 about what sexy means, and you spent your 30s either whipping your body into shape or accepting the one you have. And for men, you get to reap the rewards. They don’t call ‘em cougars for nothin’.

4. You have amazing friends.

You’ve weeded out the losers and leeches and now your friend list is solid gold. No petty fights or fear of being stabbed in the back. You know each other well, and you’ve weathered all the ups and downs. You’re confident they’ve got your back, so go out there and cause a little trouble!

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