5 Stinkiest Cheeses In The World

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What’s better than a great glass of wine? A great glass of wine and a slice of funky cheese! So pick up a wheel, sharpen your knife, and get ready to cut some stinky cheese.

1. Vieux Boulogne:  Researchers at Cranfield University named this cheese the world’s smelliest cheese, and in France, it’s even banned from public transportation.

          Pair With: Conde de Subirats Cava Rosé – Bubbles make everything delicious.

2. Pont l’Eveque: Possibly the oldest Norman cheese still in production, this stinky French cheese dates back to the 13th century, and it smells like it’s been sitting underneath a pile of dirty laundry for all that time.

          Pair With: Cucao Chardonnay, Limarí Valley – The inherent butteriness of the cheese is perfect complement to this New World Chard.

3. Cendre d’olivet: Aged in wood ash from grape vines, this cheese was once described by a 19th century French writer as “… like the carcasses of animals which peasants cover with branches as they lie rotting in the hedgerow under the blazing sun.” Sounds delicious, huh?

          Pair With: La Syrah, Elquí Chile – Super animalistic, the perfect complement.

4. Epoisses de Bourgogne: With a smell that’s been described as “unwashed skunk” (because a clean skunk isn’t really all that bad?), this cheese was one of Napoleon’s favorites, so we’re pretty sure it’s good enough for you.

          Pair With: X Winery Winemaker’s Blend

5. Limburger:  This cheese is so stinky it is responsible for at least one attempted suicide—no joke. Created with the bacteria responsible for foot odor in humans, this cheese smells like…yep, you guessed it: stinky feet.

          Pair WithDonjon Rosé, Minervois, France


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