5 Vintage Essentials Every Closet Needs

When it comes to incorporating vintage clothing into your closet, it’s important to start with the essentials. Essentials are the timeless and classic vintage pieces that never go out of style. These key pieces are incredibly versatile, and can be easily worn with the items you already have in your closet, transforming any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

1. The Denim Jacket:

A sturdy, classic denim jacket is a staple vintage piece everyone should have. They come in a variety of shapes, styles and washes, and can be worn over virtually anything you already own. Try layering one over your favorite mini dress. It pulls the whole look together, adding depth and a little extra coverage when needed to complete the look.

Expert Styling Tip: A denim jacket makes even the craziest prints totally wearable. Experiment with shapes to find one that best fits you. Roll up the sleeves of the jacket just to the wrist for a casual, laid back look that’s low key cool.

Try this light wash oversized “Tough Love” fisherman’s jacket.

2. The Flannel:

Comfort is an important aspect of any outfit, and a vintage flannel button down is the epitome of comfortable. Slightly rustic and completely approachable, this classic vintage piece is completely cross-seasonal and can be used to add a lively pop of color to any basic or dull outfit.

Expert Styling Tip: Because the flannel is so popular and practical, a flannel worn with basics can be overlooked and understated. To avoid looking like the average Brawny man, try tucking it into a pair of overall shorts or compliment its colors with a bold lip and a top bun.

Try this bright 80’s “Hip to be Square” flannel button down.

3. Broken In Boots:  

Everyone needs a good pair of boots. But why go through the hassle of breaking them in when you could just let somebody else do it? Cowboy, combat, and ankle boots are all great options when you’re shopping for a classic and practical vintage boot. Look for boots made out of leather, because if you take good care of them, they can last a lifetime. The best part about a good pair of leather boots is that the more they are worn, the better they look.

Expert Styling Tip: Boots can easily transform the look of a dress from day to night. In this example, a formal vintage maxi dress is worn with a pair of vintage ankle boots to downplay its fanciness and make it look casual and cool.

See more boot styling ideas here.

4. The 50/50 Tee:

Remember that episode of How To Make It In America when Ben and Cam scour Brooklyn Goodwills in search of the 50/50 tees? Let me tell you what the fuss is all about. A good vintage t-shirt is made up of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. These are the “jersey knit” t-shirts you see replicated with a mock distressed Orange Crush label on them. But the problem with these is that a true vintage 50/50 tee cannot be replicated. Not only are these vintage t-shirts as soft as butter, but most of the time they have killer old school graphics on them. It is vital to your wardrobe and definitely worth the time you’ll spend trying to find one.

Expert Style Tip: Styling a vintage tee shirt has endless possibilities. To avoid looking like just another one of the boys, we recommend pairing your vintage tee with a skirt.

Check out more ways to style a vintage tee here.

5. The Statement 80’s Party Dress:

Nothing beats a good go-to party dress. This essential vintage piece is one you know you look awesome in, and is sure to turn heads everywhere. Wearing a cool 80s party dress doesn’t mean you have to walk out looking like you just left a costume party or are channeling your inner material girl. When styled appropriately, an 80s vintage dress can look modern and glamorous.

Expert Styling Tip: Keep your accessories to an absolute minimum. Avoid gloves, hair pieces, and chunky jewelry. Wear a modern pair of high heels or booties and keep your makeup classic. Remember, less is more.

Here are some of our favorite party dresses including this vintage 80s “Scale Up” dress.

Experimenting with vintage clothing doesn’t have to be intimidating. Once you have these five essential vintage pieces, you can use them as building blocks to create effortlessly cool and totally awesome outfits that make a strong style statement. It’s about keeping an open mind while staying true to the sizes and styles that best suit your body.


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