6 Tweetable Facts About Sweet Wine

New wine trends are being trailblazed by millennials, aka the discovery generation, who are on the verge of taking over the wine market.  All wine can be difficult to navigate and between varietals, vintages, and regions, most of us do not even know where to begin.

Here’s 6 tweetable facts about sweet vino to get you started…

1)  How to tell if your glass is half full of sweet or half empty of dry: give it a swirl. Wine with high sugar or alcohol content will appear thick and leggy.

2)  When all else fails, use your nose. If a wine is sweet you will pick up notes of honey, molasses, butterscotch, or fruit.

3)  Acidity, tannins, and alcohol all affect how we perceive sweetness in a wine. Yet wines are categorized based on residual sugar.

4)  Having trouble finding a bottle of the sweet stuff? Wines labeled “late-harvest” or “ice wine” are guaranteed to be a sweet sipper.

5)  When dealing with bubbly look for the terms “doux” or “dolce” which mean sweet, or “demi sec” meaning semi-sweet.

6)  One method of concentrating sugars in wine involves a fungus called Botrytis that shrivels and decays grapes.

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