The Coziest Hotel in Croatia

Trogir is a small town on the Adriatic sea. It sits on an islet connected to mainland Croatia and the larger island of Ciovo by just two bridges.

In Trogir’s center sits the amazing, family run Villa Sv. Petar Hotel. Far from your average place to crash, the hotel lives in a refurbished house that was built in the 14th century. Its antique look, stone work and location are not to be missed, but it’s really the fantastic hosts and service here that have made it a mainstay for Savor The Experience Tours, and perhaps the coziest hotel in Croatia.

The cherry on top? Last year Anamaria, Miso and File (the family that runs the hotel) opened the much celebrated Calebotta restaurant just one minute away from their hotel. Trogir just got a whole lot cooler.

I spoke with Anamaria, who helped to convert the 14th century home to the beautiful Villa Sv. Petar Hotel.


How long did it take to convert a 14th century building into a hotel? 

The renovation took three years. The interior was completely redone since the floor and stairs were so old they were unsafe to walk on. But, the building is still a typical example of an old Croatian family house.

On the ground floor, we managed to keep the original stone floor from the 14th century. Because the building is protected by UNESCO  we had to keep the building as close to its original form as possible. Today, the house looks exactly like it did when it was built.


Boutique Hotels_Villa Sv Petar_exterior hotel

The facade remains unchanged since the 14th century.


What’s been the most rewarding part of owning the Villa Sv. Petar?

While traveling we often found ourselves with tons of questions, and nobody willing to answer them. Our mission from day 1 has been to give as much information as possible to those who want it. We want to teach people about this area and its traditions, so that when they go for a walk they notice the things we tell them and feel that much more at home. We have a maximum of 15 guests a day, which means we always have time for each one of them. Of course we also learn about them and their traditions. The more we can give, the better we feel!


Boutique Hotels_Villa Sv. Petar_Anamaria & File (managers)

Anamaria and File hit the dancefloor at the Villa Sv. Petar.


If you had to sum up the hotel in one sentence or less to someone who has not been there, what would you say?

A home away from home.


Boutique Hotels_Villa Sv Petar_Calebotta restaurant courtyard

Feast your eyes (and just straight up feast) at Calebotta.


If guests could try just one  dish and one wine at Calebotta, what would you serve them?

It would have to be the catch of the day on the grill with mangold. The wine would be Korta Katarina Posip from the Peljesac Peninsula. You can prepare fish in a hundred ways, but I’ll always believe that the best way is on a wooden grill with some olive oil.

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