This Craft Beer Hotel is the Hoppiest Place on Earth

When it comes to alcohol-inspired retreats, we thought we’d seen it all after learning about red wine spas in Tuscan castles. But now, something just as unbelievable is getting ready to enter the market: a craft beer hotel.

The brainchild of BrewDog, a Scottish brewery that’s been on our radar since they sold beer in taxidermied squirrels, this beer-themed hotel is set to open in Columbus, Ohio, near their first US taproom. It’s right on brand for BrewDog, who describe themselves as a “post-punk, apocalyptic, motherf*r of a craft brewery.”

Some of their ambitious plans for the hotel include mini-fridges full of beer in every shower; craft beer pairings with breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and a tap that pours BrewDog’s Punk IPA in every room. If you’re willing to spring for the luxury suite, you’ll get to enjoy a hot tub filled with IPA. Oh, and you know those teeny hotel soaps? Those will be made with beer, too.

It doesn’t stop with drinkable beer…you’ll be able to book a beer-infused spa treatment at the “Dog House,” like a hop face mask, malted barley massage, or hoppy feet pedicure. Still waiting to hear what kind of beauty benefits beer has to offer other than getting buzzed.

According to BrewDog’s crowdfunding page, the hotel will provide “a complete experiential environment in which to truly immerse yourself in the world of craft beer. From waking up to a view of our sour beer foeders and the smell of freshly mashed malt, to hop-infused spa treatments and beer breakfasts – this hotel will have it all.” We’re not sure this is better than a view of palm trees and the smell of the ocean, but to each his own.

It will cost around $6 million to get this ambitious hotel up and running, so BrewDog is using crowdfunding to expedite the process – and give people a chance to stake their claim. Donate $150 and you’ll get a free night’s stay for two people, or toss in $2,000 for early access to that beer-filled hot tub. They’ve already exceeded their fundraising goal, so things are looking good for a September 2018 opening.

Whether you’re new to the craft beer scene or have been following BrewDog since they got their rambunctious start a decade ago, you now have an excuse to take a vacation to Columbus, Ohio.

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