This Squirrel Beer Is The Weirdest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

It’s official: we’ve now seen everything. Have you ever dreamt of sipping super strong beer out of a taxidermied squirrel? Yeah, me neither. But now, if you change your mind (and have a small fortune to spare), this insane-sounding situation can become a reality.

Scottish brewing company BrewDog has released their End of History beer, a 55 percent ABV brew that comes packaged in a dead squirrel.  Yes – a taxidermied squirrel, courtesy of someone called Simon the Stuffer.

The $20,000 price tag seems a little steep, but your purchase is an investment in the company. The extremely high alcohol content is something else this beer has going for it, and it does take seven months to brew. According to the CEO and “Captain” of the brand, James Watt, End of History is the “most audacious beer the world has ever seen…the bottles are at once beautiful and disturbing – disrupting conversations and breaking taboos.”

End of History was released originally in 2010, when only ten bottles were made. (These were also packaged inside squirrels.) When asked how many BrewDog would be making this time around, James said that it depends on how many people meet the $20,000 investment requirement – so it seems like a creepy, rare beer is the reward for fronting that money.

The investments are part of an equity crowdfunding campaign for BrewDog’s new brewery in Columbus, Ohio. They’re hoping to raise $50 million to continue their expansion across America with brewpubs. Ohio recently lifted its ABV limit on beers, so BrewDog apparently thought the most logical thing to do was create the booziest beer possible.

And what about the actual beer? They stuck with a classic Belgian blonde style, and turned it into a “55 percent powerhouse of a beer brewed with nettles and juniper.” James says that when they created this brew six years ago, they wanted it to be a symbol of the “unstoppable potential of beer.”

BrewDog was founded in 2007, and has claimed the World’s Strongest Beer title with several of their brews (the 2010 End of History claimed this briefly). The company is known for provocative marketing ventures – shocking, I know.

I was quite intrigued by the public’s response to this completely outrageous product. James told me that over the past six years, the beer has driven thousands of conversations of debates to make people think about the potential of beer. “There have been haters, but we believe this has been an important part of the history of beer.”

This beer is definitely one of a kind, but I think I’ll take my beer on tap, please.


  • Miller says:

    I find your squirrel beer packaging offensive. It disturbs me that a company who wants my business would offer a product that is so inappropriate and most disturbing.
    As soon as I send this comment, I will be removing my email address from any further communication.


    This is horrible and it should not be advertise. What a disappointment!!

  • James Wilson says:

    So this is telling me if I drink on beer for 20G at 110 proof, I have to wait 7 years for another bottle cause it has a squirrel around it? So basically since I drink beer 6 cans at 16 x6 a night (96 proof), all I get get is a dead animal that will sit in a closet? These guys are dreaming. Well written, but seriously, who would do this unless a redneck did it first. Total redneck price, ice(2.50), taxidermist(200.00), IPA beer(99.00 for kit) and that would get you a good 6 pack for less than 300.00 to make it. And that at 14.00 a 6 pack, cost would be about 50.00 in pocket per six.

  • Alexandra Pastron Alexandra Pastron says:

    Thank you for your comments! We have heard you and encourage you to continue reading about other non-squirrel related wines, beers and spirits on our site as you see fit. Thanks again!

  • Tina Prunty says:

    I was really considering joining the wine club. I thought the shower beer products were a neat idea and planned on getting them as gifts. BUT!!! When seeing the squirrel beer advertisement!!! That’s just ridiculous and unnecessary! There’s no point! No need! How can we be so cruel and insensitive!!!?? I find it terribly disturbing an will not be joining or purchasing ANYTHING from this website. I will also be unsubscribing from this email!

    • Alexandra Pastron Alexandra Pastron says:

      Hey Tina! Unfortunately, we actually don’t carry the shower beer ourselves, but it will be available for purchase from the brewery sometime very soon!

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