How to Vape Alcohol

Ever dreamt of a night of drinking with the promise of waking up without a hangover? Vapor Sphere claims to have found the solution – and in addition to hangover prevention, they’re offering a low calorie way to get your drink on.

The Vapor Sphere itself is designed to resemble a basic water glass, although it’s topped with a glass sphere making it look more like something out of a sci-fi movie than a cocktail. Make sure to have a lighter or book of matches on hand because the Vapor Sphere works by heating high-proof alcoholic drinks with a candle that’s at the bottom of the glass. In the sphere at the top of the vessel, the heated liquor creates vapor, which you “drink” through a vape straw.

So, why vape? Vapor Sphere claims that you have more control over your level of intoxication when you vaporize alcohol instead of drink it, and the booze leaves your system more quickly. They’re also marketing to diabetics because your blood sugar won’t spike – plus, for anyone on a diet, this is a way to drink liquor without calories, because it never goes through your digestive system. We know: Whaaaat?

When you absorb alcohol through your lungs, it enters your bloodstream faster than through your stomach, and your body fully processes it within half an hour of the last hit. Because of this claim, Vapor Sphere believes they’re eliminating the need for designated drivers (does this mean I can delete Uber?) – just wait thirty minutes and you’re good to go.

The idea of smoking alcohol isn’t new, but Vapor Sphere is hoping to be the first to really hit the commercial market with a product that’s easy to use and inexpensive. Alcohol can be turned into smoke or vapor by adding a carbon dioxide pill, pouring alcohol over dry ice, or pumping pressurized air into a bottle of liquor.

There are health concerns associated with inhaling alcohol vapor – because the liquor bypasses the stomach and liver and directly enters the bloodstream, it could be easier to overdose and difficult to keep track of how much you’ve actually taken in. You also can’t throw up inhaled alcohol, which is the body’s protection against alcohol poisoning.

Considering that consuming alcohol isn’t the best thing for your body anyway, we’d be down to try out getting a buzz on, calorie-free.


  • osburnltd says:

    A second chance for success for those down and out hookah lounges.

  • I drink wine because I like the taste. This just sounds like a way to get drunk. I’ll stick with the stemmed glass.

  • Mark Weisberg says:

    Let’s take a highly flammable liquid, heat it up with a flame and put it in close proximity to your face. What could possibly go wrong??

  • Don. says:

    Just because alcohol (ethanol) enters your bloodstream through the lungs does not mean it bypasses the liver. The blood takes it to the liver where it is metabolized (the only place in the body where that happens) and gets no farther. There will be some heat generated during that metabolizing which will free up food that would otherwise have to generate that heat and let the body store that as fat to be used at a later date. So, it may have no storable calories but it has, or makes, heat calories.

    Pouring alcohol on dry ice will cool it to the point of no vapor release at all.

  • Stacy Clarke says:

    DON. Thank you for the reality check! I’m with Mari above. Just drink the wine in moderation and stop with the foolishness.

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