Mixing Liquor with Every Flavor of LaCroix

Seltzer has seen a resurgence in the past year, perhaps because of ever-growing calorie consciousness and the desire for non-alcoholic drinks that aren’t Diet Coke. Always a fan of Polar myself, I really feel that LaCroix has swooped in and conquered a millennial-focused corner of the sparkling beverage market. Whether it’s their packaging aesthetic or wide range of flavors, LaCroix actually makes an excellent mixer for all kinds of liquors. Here, the best booze to mix with every flavor of the cult-favorite seltzer for a bubbly refresher.


Apricot LaCroix + Champagne

For a twist on a bellini, everyone’s second-favorite brunch cocktail, this simple pairing is perfect anytime of year.


Berry LaCroix + Red Wine

This flavor combination reminds of red wine, but it’s essentially a lighter, less sweet version of a wine cooler. Not that we’re complaining.


Coconut LaCroix + Light Rum

Add a splash of pineapple juice if you’re feeling adventurous for a pina colada-inspired cocktail.


Cran-Raspberry LaCroix + Vodka

This combo is perfect for anyone whose drink of choice is a Cosmopolitan. Garnish optional.


Lime LaCroix + Tequila

Tequila and lime is always a tasty pairing, and this sparkling combination is inspired by a classic margarita. If you like your margs on the sweet side, add some sweetened lime juice for a three-ingredient cocktail.


Lemon LaCroix + Lemon Vodka

Take things to the next level with a splash of lemonade, or sip on this 2-ingredient sparkler for a low calorie buzz.


Mango LaCroix + Mezcal

Smoky mezcal and fruity mango seltzer is a match made in cocktail heaven. Rim the glass with spicy salt for an added kick.


Orange LaCroix + Prosecco

This low-sugar version of a mimosa is extra bubbly and perfect for summertime brunches.


Pamplemousse LaCroix + Gin

Citrusy gin will play up the flavor of LaCroix’s grapefruit seltzer. Add some fresh grapefruit juice for a rose-colored drink.


Passionfruit LaCroix + Coconut Rum

If you love fruity, sweet cocktails, this pairing is for you. Add a splash of fresh citrus juice for even more sweetness.


Peach Pear LaCroix + Cognac

Inspired by a classic Moscow mule, this combination is even more delicious with a splash of ginger beer and some fresh lime juice.


Tangerine LaCroix + Campari

Perfect for anyone who loves a negroni, this drink is perfectly bitter and sweet (and it has a beautiful color!). Garnish with a twist of whatever citrus you have on hand.


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