Nine Sour Beers You Need to Try Right Now

Sour beer has been on our radar for a while – they come in a ton of ridiculous, creative flavors and pair exceptionally well with food. Traditionally, sour beer was made by exposure to wild yeast and bacteria. Today, brewers add bacteria to turn their beer sour, mixed in along with fruits, herbs and spices.

Here, nine sour beers to try.

C.A.F.E. Sour from Newburgh Brewing

Calling all coffee lovers! This flavorful sour is made with Ethiopian coffee and whole grain teff, a staple Ethiopian grain used to make sourdough bread. In fact, this beer was partly inspired by Tella, a traditional (you guessed it) Ethiopian brew.
Drink with: spicy food.

Lolita from Goose Island

If you love rosé, we’re betting you’ll enjoy this Belgian style pale ale – it gets a lovely pink color since it’s fermented with raspberries and aged in French Cabernet Sauvignon barrels.
Drink with: Salmon or tuna.

Monkey Chased the Weasel Mulberry Sour Ale from Carton Brewing

Sip on summertime all year round with this mulberry sour ale, which happens to have a pretty memorable name. Carton Brewing uses a German technique that highlights the bright side of the mulberry profile. It has a low ABV, so it’s perfect for sipping alongside a leisurely meal or cocktail hour.
Drink with: your favorite barbecue.

Old Pro Tee Time from Union Craft Brewing

Don’t worry, this punny beer isn’t just for tennis pros! This gose-style brew features an infusion of house-blended “teas” made from fruits and botanicals, and comes in four flavors: tangerine, raspberry lemon, wildberry and peach.
Drink with: French bread and soft cheese.

Pink Lemonade Sour Ale from Old Bust Head Brewing Co.

Open a grown-up lemonade stand with this delightful sour ale aged with strawberries and raspberries and finished with pink Himalayan salt. This kettle-soured wheat ale is equal parts sweet and tart, and has a lovely red color.
Drink with: salty snacks or leftover Halloween candy.

Pink Vapor Stew from SKA Brewing

This unique sour beer combines Citra and Belma hops with beets, carrots, ginger and apples to create a “pink vapor stew” with a flavor that’s equal parts earthy and tropical.
Drink with: roasted root vegetables.

Pumpkin Sour from Almanac Beer

For anyone who loves pumpkin spice, this sour beer is for you. This one starts off with a spiced brown ale, aged in bourbon barrels along with roasted heirloom pumpkins.
Drink with: Thanksgiving dinner.

Transatlantique Kriek from New Belgium

This respected sour beer is made by combining two brews created a world apart: New Belgium combines lambic beer from 130-year-old Belgian brewery Oud Beersel with American sour golden ale. The Belgian brew is aged in oak and blended with tart Polish cherries for an intense, fruity finish that calls cherry pie to mind.
Drink with: desserts made with fruit or vanilla.

5th of May from Free Will Brewing

This sour ale, inspired by one of my favorite cocktails (the margarita), features key lime beer aged in tequila barrels and finished with Himalayan salt. It has a very prominent lime flavor, and one Untappd reviewer says it tastes “like a margarita with a hint of oak.”
Drink with: chips and guacamole, obviously.

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