Pairing Wine with Fish: The Basics

The art of pairing fish and wine can be a bit more daunting than the average food pairing. We all know red wine can make a steak or burger really sing, but our ocean friends require a bit more thought because fish has such a texture and weight range.

But don’t overthink it! This pairing guide is simple, just like receiving a HelloFresh meal kit at your door.  We even hooked you up with 50% off your 1st box!


Flaky and Light

Sea Bass, Flounder, Cod, Haddock, Tilapia

The light and flakier the fish the more zesty and acidic the wine! This type of fish is almost strictly paired with white wines.

Your go-to wines include Grüner Veltliner, Albariño, Muscadet, uber dry Reisling, Gavi and most Greek white wines.

Meatier fish, but still flaky

Trout, Snapper, Halibut, Grouper, Rockfish, Catfish

Pop the rosé or bigger bodied whites, but you still can’t break out the red vino. A medium and meatier fish needs a lil bit more from its wine.

Your go-to wines include dry rosé, Chardonnay and zippy new world Sauvignon Blanc.

Meaty fish with a steak-esque feel

Salmon, Tuna, Swordfish, Mackerel, Shark, Mahi Mahi

This 3rd category of fish is the most like red meat or steak, which allows for more complex wine pairing options! We wouldn’t recommend going to big of a red like California Cab, but these fish give you more flexibility.

Your go-to wines include light-bodied, old world Pinot Noir, dry Lambrusco, light-bodied Italian wines, Chardonnay aged in oak and Viognier.

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