Salt is the New Strawberry

There are few pairings more iconic (or cliché) than Champagne and strawberries. Visions of overpriced room service and corny proposals come to mind, even though we would never say no to crisp bubbly or fresh berries. But one hotel in Los Cabos, Mexico, is switching things up by pairing Champagne with artisanal salts instead of fruit.

The recently reopened Resort at Pedregal offers a unique Champagne and salt tasting – different salts are paired with different Champagnes based on the soil and grapes where the Champagne was produced. Pink Tibetan salt is served with bubbly rose; Blanc de Blancs Champagne is poured alongside pure Fleur de Sel; and smoky black salt from the Himalayas is partnered with oaky Champagne.

But why salt? According to Jose Aguirre, the resort’s sommelier, salt makes the mineral and fruit components of the Champagne much more obvious – he compares it to pairing bubbly with other (more mainstream) savory foods, like caviar and oysters.

“I’m personally not a fan of berries and Champagne. High acid and high acid will always go together, but the whole point of Champagne is its subtle nuances which will be [overshadowed] by fruit,” Jose says. The salt allows for a purer tasting experience, since the wine’s flavor remains dominant and is emphasized, rather than overpowered, by the salt.

A new tasting at the hotel pairs three regional Mexican moles with Champagne, further highlighting this savory pairing concept. Does this mean it’s ok to drink Champagne instead of margaritas on Taco Tuesday? We certainly think so.

To make matters even more indulgent, the Champagne tasting at The Resort at Pedregal takes place on a stunning “Champagne Terrace,” carved into the rocky cliff side with a beautiful ocean view. The Champagne Terrace also offers a selection of artisanal cheeses, so don’t worry about getting lightheaded from all of the bubbly.

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