The World’s Best (and Only) Tattoo Themed Cookbook

What do we expect from a cookbook?

Great recipes? Duh.

Pretty pictures of food? Yes please.

Insights into the philosophies of the chefs behind all those wonderful dishes by way of an exploration of their tattoos and how they represent those chefs’ life stories? Not really, or at least, not until Eat Ink.

If you’ve ever spent time in a commercial kitchen, hanging out at the bar after closing time or talking to a chef without their whites on- you’re likely to see many a tattoo. Tattoos used to prevent people from all walks of life from getting jobs in kitchens, offices, restaurants and retail stores. But society has by and large let go of the stigma surrounding tattoos (thanks, progress!) and for one reason or another, the culinary community has embraced tattooing about as much as rockstars and bikers have.

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Eat Ink is a cookbook that tells the stories of James Beard Award winners, Top Chef competitors, Food Network stars, prep cooks, interns, and sous chefs who all share the common bond of a passion for kickass food and kickass tattoos- and how they relate.

Complete with big old glossy pages featuring wonderful photos of delicious dishes and tattoos of all shapes and sizes- this cookbook will make you want to cook and get inked all at once, which we think is a good thing. It must be the world’s best (and only) tattoo themed cookbook, and it belongs on your table.


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