This Mansion is a Beer-Lover’s Heaven

There’s (almost) nothing we love more than a boozy experience that’s totally immersive, whether it’s a beer-themed hotel or a bathtub full of red wine. Now, you can visit a Beer Mansion in Boston, created by New York’s favorite Brooklyn Brewery.

The Brewery has organized similar events in cities all over the world (London, Paris, Philadelphia and Chicago), and joined with Allagash Brewing Co., Harpoon, Ipswich Ale and several other Bostonian brewers to create a mansion of sorts later this month.

Each room in the Beer Mansion will have a theme related to the style of beer it features. “The Harbor” will feature simple, clean brews; “The Darkness” will offer rich, heavy beers like porters and stouts; and “Tart of the Tropics” plans to offer fruity and light weisses, sours and pilsners.

If you want to learn more about beer and not just imbibe it, there’s a room dedicated to The Anatomy of a Beer. The Brooklyn Brewery team developed interactive displays that play with your senses of taste, sight, smell and sound. Gabe Barry, the Brewery’s beer ambassador and educator, told The Chicago Tribune that they’ve brought in frequency generators that visitors can experiment with, and see if sound effects how the beer tastes.

In addition to satisfying pretty much any beer craving you could ever have, you’ll also have an opportunity to eat some of the city’s best snacks, all selected by Eater. These offerings include grilled cheese, tacos, ice cream and a mysterious menu item called “edible spin art.” If you couldn’t tell, the mansion truly has something for everybody, including a Bloody Mary bar, live music from local artists, and interactive games – just in case you need a break from pounding IPAs.

It’s all happening at the Boston Center for the Arts on October 27 and 28 – tickets are on sale now for $50.

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