Wine Slushies Make Life Better

Can you remember teenaged summers? Ah yes, endless days filled with sun and ambition and innocence.

Can you remember stopping by the 7-Eleven, grabbing a Big Gulp, spiking it with some of your cousin’s friend’s stolen booze and cruising Main Street for the day? Well… we can, and we’re not willing to let those sweet, frosty memories melt away.

Wine Awesomeness is honored to bring you a more sophisticated (and simple) take on a boozy big gulp.


They’re cold, they’re delicious and they’re the easiest frozen drink you ever did meet. Find out how to make them below, and then make them. And remember, #wineallthetime.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 12.39.51 PM

The holy trinity.


1) Pick out a relatively juicy, fruit forward wine. Buy lots of it. Red? Sure. White? Of course! Rosé? Why the hell not.

2) Pour as many bottles as you see fit into ice cube trays or into a large tupperware container without a lid.

3) Place in freezer.

4) Once your wine is thoroughly and convincingly frozen, pop it out of it’s tray or tupperware and throw it into a blender.

5) Give your blender a few pulses until you’ve got a consistency you like.

6) Pour your shredded wine ice cubes into a cup of your choosing (if it ain’t a big gulp cup you’re doing it wrong) and add a dash of the same wine in liquid (AKA not frozen) form.

7) Cruise down Main St. towards ice cold nostalgic bliss… or do whatever your heart desires, so long as your heart does not desire driving.