The Weekender

From the makers of the perfect tee and advocates of radical transparency, Everlane presents the Weekender. After filling our closets with their tees it was time for us to invest in another functional piece from their bona fide line of products. It’s all in the name of this perfectly sized and impeccably constructed bag. When it comes time to slip away it is the travel companion you do not want to be without. The San Francisco based company is well known for their mission to provide quality pieces at unfathomably affordable prices by slashing the middle man and working directly with factories. As the revolutionary powerhouse brand states, “your weekend bag should not cost more than your weekend getaway.” The shoulder slinger measures in at 22″ L 8.5″ W X 12″ H and can make its way into any cabin size compartment. We have told you where to go and now we are providing you with the best bag to transport your belongings there. Make no mistake the weekender is the perfect addition to any getaway. Travel in style, travel with convenience, travel with the Everlane Weekender.

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the weekender

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