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Let’s get into a champagne state of mind, no celebration necessary. Break out a bottle of champs while you tie your shoe. Or throw back some bubbly while changing that lightbulb. Either way, champagne needs not a special occasion.

Not a fan of the hangover that comes with the bubbles? Champagne is not the cause of that next day headache, it’s the sugar that’s getting to you. So look for a nice brut champagne if you plan on polishing off the bottle.

Just make sure you get your facts right for all that fancy talk that is sure to ensue over your next bottle of bubbly. Just because a wine is sparkling does not make it a champagne. Champagne is a region in France, and they’re very protective of their bubbly.

In fact, to be called a champagne a wine must be made in accordance with Comite Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne regulations within that very region.

Celebration or not, it’s time for a champagne mojito.

You know what we say: #wineallthetime at Wine Awesomeness.

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