5 Vintage Looks Men Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Try

When it comes to men’s fashion, there are some styles that should just stay far, far away. (Like bucket hats and tracksuits…no offense Billy Bob.) In reality, some men’s vintage looks were really cool, and whether you’re looking to update your closet or add diversity to your accessory options, we’re here to help you sort through the good and the bad in men’s classic vintage pieces. We’ll teach you the appropriate time to wear your throwback vintage piece and show you how to pull them off without looking like a caveman.

1. High water pants are not just for Urkel. When worn the right way, they can be the statement piece to make that boring Hanes t-shirt into an outfit that’s old fashioned dapper but still modern with an edge. Actor Joaquin Phoenix was spotted rocking the look on his latest film HER. The trick to properly pulling off a pair of high water pants is to find a pair that’s the right size and fit for your body. They should sit high and snug on your waist, a little loose in the middle, and taper down so that they are tight at the ankles. High water pants look best when they are rolled once or twice at the bottom so that they sit just above the smallest part of your ankle. They look good dressed down with a t-shirt or dressed up with your favorite collared shirt, but don’t overdo it. Stay away from big prints like plaid or paisley.


2. Pageboy hats are incredibly handsome. They can be worn with practically anything and are the easiest and most accessible vintage accessory every man needs. Pageboy hats have a hard skinny brim that helps the hat keep its shape and protects your face from the sun. These hats are usually seen most in the fall or the winter since they are mostly made from wool or tweed and usually come in a thick herringbone pattern, but it is perfectly acceptable to rock a pageboy hat all year long. So if you’re not hot headed, go out and get cha’ some.

To try this trend, pair it with a white t-shirt mixed with a solid cardigan and your favorite pair of jeans. Avoid going over the top with fake glasses or argyle socks.


3. Mod Swim Trunks – Us ladies are sick of seeing our men in long frumpy board shorts. So guys, switch it up this year and try on a pair of mod swim trunks. Yes, you know the ones we’re talking about. They have an elastic waist and are made out of polyester and have cool 70s stripes or 80s neon prints on them. Not tennis shorts, no, no, no, this ain’t no peep show. These mod swim shorts are the ones that hit you about mid thigh length. This style is very European, and it’s all rave right now. These shorts are awesome for playing games and sports on the beach, or swimming in the water. Plus they allow you to lose that hillbilly farmer’s tan on your thighs.


4. Suspenders – Ditch the belt this spring and put on a pair of suspenders. Women love a man in a good pair of suspenders. They aren’t just for holding your pants up; they’re an essential accessory for any well-groomed outfit. Now a nice shiny belt is incredibly sexy on a man, but sometimes they tend to slice a man in half and if you’re a little top heavy, a belt can accentuate your stomach, which after a long night of beer guzzling, is not the most attractive look. The vertical lines of the suspenders are slimming, as they hold up the waistline of your pants to exactly where it should be without cutting you in half. When your styling suspenders, generally you want to try to match them either to your jacket, your pants, or your shoes. You can find vintage suspenders that either clip onto your pants, or that button discretely onto the inside of your waist. See how these guys wore them for outfit ideas:


5. Coveralls were originally made for men to wear over their day clothes to protect them from oily, greasy, or dirty work environments. But you don’t have to be a mechanic or work on a farm to pull off this look; seriously, coveralls are taking over. We were excited and inspired to write about this classic vintage piece after we made a shopping trip to NYC recently and saw men in coveralls chillin’ all over Brooklyn. They are loose and comfortable, and are made of sturdy fabric.

Here’s a great example of a guy in his coveralls:


Hubba hubba! Oops . . . how’d that picture get in there? HERE is a good example:


In conclusion, remember. . . don’t go overboard. Take your time with styling, use the modern pieces you already have in your closet to create an outfit around a vintage piece. Don’t wear everything retro you own at one time. Wearing vintage clothing is a statement in itself. It doesn’t have to look vintage, so steer away from really rugged pieces with holes or a ton of wear and tear. These five vintage styles are classic, meaning they are timeless, and they will never go out of style. These are not trends, so don’t be afraid to try them out season after season. What’s important is that the piece is comfortable, and you look in the mirror and it makes you feel good. These are five vintage pieces you shouldn’t be afraid to try. Don’t go buy a set of suspenders just because we told you so. Then again, they’l probably look really good. So then I guess you can say we told you so.

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Xoxo Red Rose Vintage