The 7 Stages of Hunger Rage (Hanger!)

1. Hmm, I could use a snack.


2. Seriously, do you have a piece of gum, Tic Tac, anything?


3. My head is killing me. Didn’t you just hear me?! Shut up! I hate your voice! It’s like if Fran Drescher and Kermit the Frog made a voice baby. Turn it off!


4. I don’t know where I want to eat, what I want to eat, or who you are, so stop asking and find something to put in my mouth…now! My brain…it’s…it’s shutting…off…


5. I hate you. Never look at me again or I will scoop your eyeballs out with a spoon. Sweet, savory eyeballs… Hey, come give me a hug.


6. That’s it. I’m dying. Look at my hands! They’re shaking, look! Watch me try to hold this pencil…god this pencil looks delicious…


7. What pencil?


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