7 Wine Accessories You Need Right Now

When it comes to accessories, you’ve probably heard the phrase “less is more.” This is hardly the case when it comes to wine. So now that you’re covered on the vino end of things, let’s get down to what you need to drink it at your highest level.

Speaking of high level, don’t worry, we’re not coming at you with a bunch of fancy gadgets on this list — think the opposite, in fact. What these must-have items lack in upscale allure, they make up for by being total game changers.


Plate Wine Holder

This Wine Plate

Balancing a plate, the wine bottle and the wine glass en route to the couch can be just damn challenging. This convenient plate has been known to cut the dropping the glass part by 100%.


Bath Wine Caddy

This Bamboo Bath Caddy

The best part about this bath caddy is that it’s completely multifunctional. So if you’re not a bath person, or just lying about not being one, you can use this guy as your trusty “work from home so I can drink” companion, too.


UNbreakable Glass

The Unbreakable Wine Glass

These look and feel just like wine glasses, but you can drink them by the pool — or drop them on the tile surrounding the pool — and they won’t even crack.


Full Bottle Glass

This Wine Glass That Holds A Bottle Of Wine

Look, some days are harder than others. And for those, there’s this glass. ProTrip: This makes a great, and hilarious, gift.


Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 2.08.10 PM

This Wine Thermometer

For those special breed of wine snobs that insist you let the bottle breathe for way longer than you need to, this thermometer tells you when the wine is at prime temperature for drinking. PS – that’s between 50-65 degrees for reds and 45-60 for whites.


Wine Sippy Cup Thermos

This Wine Sippy Cup

Let’s face facts, spilling doesn’t stop once you pass the toddler phase, which is why the wine sippy cup could arguably be one of the most genius inventions of all time. The best part: you get to feel like a kid again, while really being a grown up…because, remember, there’s wine in there.


Wine Glass Necklace

This Wine Glass Insulator / Holder

Next time you go to a wine tasting, you don’t have to try to snag (steal?) a few extra wine necklaces. These are the real deal, far less flimsy, and have a built-in cooler. Cheers to having two free hands… to pour more wine!



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