5 Reasons Why Rosé is the Best Summer Drink Ever

Say it with us: ROSÉ SEASON! The best time of the year is finally here. Those fleeting few months of summer when it’s rosé all day.

Before you say it: Yes, of course you can drink rosé all year – but it’s just not the same. And you know it. A sunny day of drinking al fresco without rosé is like a steak without a good red (or white) wine. It just doesn’t make sense.

We couldn’t be more pumped to make it rain rosé these next few months. But first, to remind you just how excited you really should be, check out our top 5 reasons rosé is the best summer drink in the game.


It’s the New Cosmopolitan

That’s right, we said it. Carrie Bradshaw & Co may have had the market covered in the early 2000s with the Cosmopolitan, but in 2016, it’s all about rosé. Let’s be honest, if Carrie and her crew were in NYC today, it’s no doubt what they’d be ordering – because in case you hadn’t noticed – it’s pretty damn trendy. Not to mention, chic. Even Vogue writes about rosé season, which as we all know, was gospel to Carrie.


It’s Easy to Transport

A bottle of wine is almost always the easiest thing to bring along with you to a party, outdoor park or roof drinking, what have you! Stick it in a bag – ideally a chilled one! – and you’re done. And in case you missed it, we have a few accessories that could even elevate your rosé drinking game to the next level.


It’s Refreshing as All Get Out

The saying “it goes down like water” could actually have been founded around rosé, because it’s just fact. Thanks to its cool, crisp, light taste – it actually quenches your thirst far more than most alcoholic beverages. Hey, you gotta hydrate – right? (Ok, maybe that’s a stretch.)


It Looks Great in any Filter

Rosé is like that annoying friend you have that always looks #flawless in no makeup. It was born to be an Instagram star. Something about that pale pink hue looks fantastic on the beach, a table setting – and you even look hotter holding it. And since it’s the quintessential summer drink, one of the best shots is just a bottle of rosé, flip flops and sunnies on the grass. Seriously, try it – you can even go #nofilter.


Puns. All. Day.

“Yes way rosé.” “Stop and smell the rosé.” And the always patriotic “Red, White, and Rosé.” There are just so many! And they are never not fun.


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