The Best Gadgets for Preserving Wine

Most of the time when the WA crew goes to open a bottle of wine we have the full intention of finishing it, but once in a blue moon, we don’t. When this happens, we want to make sure the bottle stays as fresh as it was when we first opened it, but simply corking it and putting it aside won’t get the job done. To ensure serious freshness, and prevent changes in flavor, we have a few products we like to use.


The VinEdge takes a unique approach to wine preserving and is a WA fave (it wouldn’t be available on our accessories shop if we didn’t love it). There are two parts to this nifty little tool: the VinEdge and the VinSert. The VinEdge is the spout the wine is poured from. The VinSert is a small plastic bag that plugs into the VinEdge which acts to seal off the empty space left in your bottle, protecting the remaining wine from oxygen. As you pour your wine through the VinEdge, air flows into the VinSert, rather than into the bottle, protecting the remaining wine and keeping it preserved. In other words, it vacuum seals your wine as you drink!

United Wine Saver Pump Preserver

This easy-to-use pump comes with four vacuum bottle stoppers allowing you to preserve your wine for up to 14 days after it has been opened. Simply place the stopper into the bottle, attach the pump to the stopper, and pump out the air until you feel resistance and voilà! Your wine is good to go.

Private Preserve True Spray

If you aren’t a fan of gadgets and gizmos, this spray is what you need. The non-toxic FDA approved spray consisting of argon, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen forms a layer of gas on top of the wine to protect it till you’re ready to polish off the bottle.

Savino Wine Saving Carafe

Sometimes it’s nice to serve your wine from something a little more elegant than the bottle, and this is what you want to use. The glass carafe holds and preserves the integrity of your wine for up to a week after it’s been poured, allowing you to go from one dinner party to the next without missing a beat or losing flavor in your wine.


The best way to preserve a wine is not to open in it in the first place, but then how would you drink it? This fancy contraption prevents oxidation and keeps wine extremely fresh because the cork never has to leave the bottle. How is this possible? The Coravin has a hollow needle that is inserted into the cork, allowing the wine to flow through the device and into your glass. Once the needle is removed, the cork reseals itself. Way to go technology.

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