DIY: Rosé Water Gun

We’ve put the exclamation point on summer with this DIY rosé water gun! You are 100% guaranteed to be the life of every party – be it in The Hamptons or Venice Beach – when you show up with one of these babies. You’re welcome.


Night Lions Tech Fight Blaster Super Soaker (Order one here)
Plastic tube, 16” in length, ¼” interior diameter, ⅜” exterior diameter
Screw top rosé
Drill, plus several drill bits of increasing size
Exacto knife
Mini Phillips screwdriver with a long shank, such as from a glasses kit


YANK the plastic tube that comes with the water gun out of the back. Then, unscrew the white covering.

REMOVE the screws from only the body of the water gun, leaving the shaft and nozzle alone, using your mini screwdriver. Be careful not to lose any of the screws. Open up the body of the water gun.

CUT out the interior tubing and white connecting joint at the back of the water gun using the exacto knife. The body and back of the gun should now be empty with only the black and yellow connecting joints at the top of the body remaining.

OPEN the bottle of rosé and set the cap down on your work surface. Use the pen to trace the outline of ⅜” exterior of the plastic tube on top.

USE your drill to create a hole in the cap – begin with a small bit and work up to a ⅜” bit so that it matches the edges of the marking you made with your pen and the exterior diameter of the plastic tube. Also be aware that there should be a foam piece inside your cap. If it falls out while you are drilling your hole, use your exacto knife to cut out a hole of the same size and put it back in the cap the ensure your water gun will be air-tight.

THREAD your plastic tube through the cap. Then, attach the tube to the black connecting joint at the top of the body. Fit the cap into the back of the body so that the bottom edge of the cap is flush against the very back edge of the water gun.

CLOSE the body back up and replace all of the screws.

TWIST the white covering back into place as tightly as you can – it will not twist completely back in, but this is okay.

ATTACH the rosé bottle.

HAVE an epic rosé battle.


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